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How to use it[edit | edit source]

Use E on the tool which goes attach itself to the rope.

Use E on the crank to tend the rope.

Insert your ammo with E.

Use E at the back of ballista take control of it.

Left click to fire.

Destroying elements with ballista[edit | edit source]

Ballista Projectile Siege Projectile
Wooden Foundation /stone/volcanite impossible impossible
Wooden Ceiling  ? hits 1 hit
Straw Roof  ? hits 1 hit
Triangle Straw Roof  ? hits 1 hit
Wooden Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite 8/12/? hits 1/2/3/4 hits
Wooden Diagonal Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite  ? hits  ? hits
Wooden Wall Window /stone/bronze/volcanite  ? hits  ? hits
Wooden door /stone/bronze/steel 8/?/? hits 1/?/? hits
Bamboo Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite  ? hits 1/2/3/4 hits
Diagonal Bamboo Wall /stone/bronze/volcanite  ? hits  ? hits
Builder's Desk  ? hits 1 hit
Wooden Chest  ? hits 1 hit
Bed  ? hits 1 hit
Mooring Bollard  ? hits 2 hits
Boat / Steam Boat  ? hits  ? hits
Ballista  ? hits  ? hits
Trebuchet  ? hits  ? hits