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BUILDING[edit | edit source]

Base Structure Base Equipment Others
Builder's Desk Wooden Chest Campfire
Wooden Foundation Bed Trebuchet
Triangle Wooden Foundation Torch Holder Pile
Wooden Platform Mooring Bollard
Wooden Ceiling Bronze Anvil
Triangle Wooden Ceiling Furnace
Straw Roof Smithy
Triangle Straw Roof Boat
Wooden Pole Flowerpot
Wooden Poles Field
Wooden Diagonal Poles Fish Trap
Wooden Support Poles Tripwire
Wooden Wall Bowlder Thrower
Wooden Diagonal Wall Ballista
Wooden Wall Window Rain Catcher
Wooden Jamb Noticeboard
Wooden door
Bamboo Wall
Diagonal Bamboo Wall
Wooden Straight Stairs
Ushape Frame
Wooden Ceiling Ladder
Glider Launcher

Guide[edit | edit source]

  • Use F5 to open menu and TAB to go to the next page.
  • Builder's Desk is not required: you can build in every area which is not claimed by other players
  • Builder's Desk is required (even on PVE server) to protect "claiming area" and prevent every one to build or destroy structures in this area.
  • Builder's Desk, on PVP and Standart severs, is a protection for your base. Can be destroyed by melee weapons. So you have to enclose it by 4 walls to protect it from easy melee weapons destruction and force raiders to use siege weapon to destroy walls around!
  • Builder's Desks are now limited to 10 pieces per player on PvE and Standard servers
  • Foundation building is now limited to an area of 200m from the first built foundation
  • The structures you want to build can be ""red"" for several reasons which would be indicated to you (too close from other player's structure, lack of ressources, ground not smooth enough)
  • Once the structure you want to craft is ""blue"", Press E to validate.
  • Use F6 to see potential upgrades of that structure (Press number 1 or 2 or 3 to apply it and press E to validate)
  • Use F7 to destroy it and take back parts of materials used to craft it (Press E after aiming it)
  • Building Elements have durability stats (depending on origin of its raw material). Use G to open the Repair Panel.
  • Cost of each structure can be reduced after some time with better skills