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Use F3 to open menu. You have to press E on Furnace or Smithy when thoose equipments are required. Use G on armor/weapoon/tool of you inventory to repair it (you must be near Smithy)

Update 0.25: Armor stats as well as weapon damage depends on quality/durability level of the item, which means: -The item has its starting stats described by Damage and Durability -The item lowers its Durability when player uses it to fight, gather etc. -From now on, the Damage stat will also get lower along with lowered Durability -Damage stat can drop up to 50% of its previous value

  • Armor and clothes
Woman model:
Armor Bronze Armor Steel Armor Pirate Clothes
Casted Bronze for Armor Casted Steel For Armor
Skull Mask Bronze Helmet Steel Helmet Pirate Hat
Bronze Helmet 2 Steel Helmet 2
Bronze Helmet 3 Steel Helmet 3
Bronze Vambrances Steel Vambraces
Leather Jacket Bronze Chest Armor 1 Steel Chest Armor Pirate Jacket
Leather Jacket 2 Bronze Chest Armor 2 Steel Chest Armor 2
Leather Jacket 3 Bronze Chest Armor 3 Steel Chest Armor 3
Leather Pants Bronze Legwraps 1 Steel Legwraps Pirate Pants
Leather Pants 2 Bronze Legwraps 2 Steel Legwraps 2
Steel Legwraps 3
Leather Shoes Bronze Boots Steel Boots Pirate Boots

  • Melee Weapons and Shields
Melee Weapons Bronze Melee Weapons Steel Melee Weapons Obisidian Melee Weapons Pirate Melee Weapons
Wooden Shield Bronze Shield Steel Shield
Axe Casted Bronze Axe Casted Steel Axe
Bone Axe Bronze Axe Steel Axe Obsidian Axe
Spear Casted Bronze Spear Casted Steel Trident
Bone Spear Bronze Spear Steel Trident
Broken Rudder Casted Bronze Blade Casted Steel Blade
Bronze Sword Steel Blade Pirate Sword
Casted Bronze Pickaxe Casted Steel Pickaxe
Stone Pickaxe Bronze Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe
Bronze Hammer Steel Hammer Obsidian Mace

  • Ranged Weapons
Ranged Weapons Bronze Ranged Weapons Steel Ranged Weapons Obisidian Ranged Weapon Pirate Ranged Weapon
Bow Crossbow part
Bone Bow Bronze Arrow Head Crossbow Flintock Pistol
Arrow Bronze Arrow Bolt Head Obsdian Arrow Bullet for Pistol
Bone Arrow Bolt
Poison Arrow Steel Javelin Head
Javelin Steel Javelin Obsidian Javelin
Ballista Projectile Head Siege Projectile Head Cannon Part
Poison Projectile Ballista Projectile Siege Projectile Cannon Balls

  • Food and Health
Food Health Stamina Misc Materials Backpacks
Roasted Meat Linen Bandage Waterskin Antidote Linen Rope Linen Backpack
Fried Fish Linen Bandage 2 Mush Soup Poison Bronze ingots Linen Backpack 2
Bread Linen Bandage 3 Glider Steel ingots Linen Backpack 3
Linen Bandage 4 Torch Linen Backpack 4